ROV OPERATORS (includes Manufacturers who are also Operators)

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Abdon Callais Offshore LLC - Operator
Vessel Supplier to ROV companies Vessel Supplier - Specialized - task specific

ACSM - Operator
Cougar 44 ROV - Light work class

Cougar 52 ROV - Light work class

Apache 08 ROV - Observation and Inspection

Allseas - Operator
Mockup-ROV ROV-Support Equipment - Intervention

Schilling UHD ROV - Ultra heavy duty work class- 7 Systems

Assodivers Ltd - Manufacturer and Operator
Assotrencher IV Subsea - Cable and Pipe Burial

Venom ROV - Cable and Pipe Burial

Atom ROV - Heavy Duty work class- Cable lay support operations

Atlantis Deep Sea Ltd. - Operator
Argus Rover ROV - Compact Inspection- Class II

BOA Marine Services - Operator
Millennium Plus ROV - Heavy Duty work class

CABACO Marine - Operator
Perseo GTV ROV - Survey and Inspection

Triton ROV - Work class

Canyon Offshore - Operator
Triton XL ROV - Work class

Scorpion ROV - Work class

Scorpio ROV - Work class

Triton ST ROV - Work class

Quest ROV - Work class Electric

Venon ROV - Work class

Manipulator Manipulator - Manipulator

Triton XLS ROV - Work class

Viper ROV - Work class

Caprentaria Contracting - Operator
Seabotix LBV 200 ROV - Observation and Inspection

Delta SubSea LLC - Operator
Schilling HD ROV - Work class- Full Navigation package with INS and Doppler

DOF Subsea Brasil - Operator
Triton® XLX ROV - Heavy duty work class

Engineered Syntactic Systems (ESS) - Manufacturer and Operator
ROV Buoyancy Block Subsea - Heavy Duty work class- Epoxy Syntactic Buoyancy Blocks

Fugro - Operator

Control Panel Control Panel - Control Panel

Console Console - Console

G4 Winch Winch - Winch

Hibbard Inshore, LLC - Operator
Long Range Crawler ROV - Compact Crawler

Inuktun Crawler ROV - Pipeline interior inspections

Deep rated LBV ROV - Pipeline interior inspections

Navajo ROV - Small inspections

Mohican ROV - Observation and Inspection

Long Range Navajo ROV - Compact Inspection

Streaming Vehicle ROV - Pipeline interior inspections

Mojave ROV - Compact Inspection

IDROBOTICA - G. Gay e Co. - Manufacturer and Operator
MULTIPLUTO ROV - Observation and Inspection- Compact and lightweight

InSite Technologies - Operator
Outland 1000 ROV - Observation class- Light weight rapid response

Pollux 3 ROV - Compact Inspection- Heavy Inspection Vehicle

Mohawk/Super Mohawk ROV - Medium- Inspection Class

videoray ROV - Observation and Inspection

Marine Exploration Services - Manufacturer and Operator
Nova Ray ROV - Observation and Inspection

Meridian Ocean Services - Operator
Iver2 & 3, Bluefin 12 & Gavia OS AUV - Survey and Inspection

Saab Falcon, Video Ray Pro 4 ROV - Subsea Equipment- Compact ROV

Micro ROV Services - Operator
Videoray ROV - Micro-sized- Inland and offshore inspection and support

Ocean Tech Services - Operator
Edgetech Sidescan Sonar - Survey and Inspection

Apache ROV - Observation and Inspection

Oceaneering International - Manufacturer and Operator
Phoenix III ROV -

Spectrum ROV ROV -

Hydra® Magnum® 100 hp ROV - Work class

Hydra® mimimum® ROV - Work class- Works in tandem with the Hydra® Magnum®

Hydra® Maxximum® ROV - Work class

Hydra® Millennium® Plus ROV - Work class

Hydra® Magnum® Plus hp ROV - Work class

Rovco Ltd - Operator
Seaeye Falcon ROV - Observation and Inspection

SubAtlantic Mojave ROV - Observation and Inspection

Saipem America - Manufacturer and Operator
Innovator ROV ROV - Heavy duty work class

Innovator 250 ROV - Heavy duty work class

Innovator 150 ROV - Heavy duty work class

Olympian ROV - Heavy duty work class

Triton XL ROV - Heavy duty work class

Venturer ROV - Work class

Innovator Leviathan 250 Hp ROV ROV - Heavy duty work class

Triton ROV - Work class

Scorpion ROV - Work class

MRV ROV - Work class

Mohawk Inspection ROV System ROV - Observation class

Apache ROV - Observation class

Viper ROV - Work class

Super Mohawk Electric ROV System ROV - Medium ROV

Discovery ROV - Work class

SANDY AIR CORP. - Manufacturer and Operator
RB Mini Series ROV - Compact multipurpose

SeeRay Ltd - Operator
Videoray Pro 3 XE GTO ROV - Observation and Inspection

SURF Subsea - Operator
Triton XLS ROV - Heavy duty work class

T&T Marine Salvage, Inc. - Operator
Outland 1000 ROV - Compact

Sub-Atlantic Navajo ROV -

VideoRay Pro Series ROV -

Sub-Atlantic Super Mohawk ROV - Light Work class

Underwater Solutions - Manufacturer and Operator
Hydra ROV ROV - Compact Inspection

N-Sit Camera - Offshore Support and Research

Veolia ES - Offshore Marine Division - Operator
Triton XLX ROV - Ultra Heavy duty work class

ROV - Cable and Pipe Burial

ROV - Cable and Pipe Burial

WT Industries - Operator
Mohawk ROV - Observation and Inspection- Inspection with 4 function Manip

Super Mohawk ROV - Light Work class- Dual Manipulators